Wednesday, 20 August 2014

The Perfect Bronzer: The Body Shop Honey Bronze

This is one of those rare products that I discovered before the hype. I remember buying this in December when I had a serious shopping problem thinking I had too much loan (I didn't). I purchased this on a slight whim after hearing one of my favourite Youtubers, Essie Button, rave about how great this was for pale skin. I loved how much lighter it looked in comparison to most bronzers which made me think it would be super natural, which it certainly is. The best thing about this bronzer is that it is 100% matte and all the shades are relatively light which combined, create the most natural bronzed effect. It is not orange in the slightest and even the darkest of the four shades is a natural deep tan shade. I would recommend getting the shade 3, medium matte unless you have super fair skin. This is the one I use and it consistently gives me a bronzed sun kissed glow which looks like I've been on holiday instead of loading up on the bronzer. I reach for this everyday above any other; it really is the perfect shade and texture which gives the most natural, healthy finish. It is certainly well-loved and I have almost hit pan on it and most of the embossing has been worn over which proves just how great it is as I usually get bored of one product and switch it up relatively quickly. This product is certainly worth the hype it is receiving lately and is well worth it's £13 price tag. Moreover, the embossed honey packaging is lush and gives the product a more luxurious feel which, paired with the amazing formula, it really looks like a high end product akin to the likes of Clarins or Guerlain. It is the best product for a natural, subtle contour and a natural all over finish.

Have you guys tried this product or any other similar bronzer?

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