Saturday, 10 November 2012

Make-up On A Budget

Sometimes it is true that you get what you pay for, and the more high-end make-up brands serve as a better quality product. Nonetheless there are excellent drugstore products available that are ideal for young students like me who can't always splurge on expensive products. Granted, a lot of cheaper products out there tend to be a little disappointing, so make sure you take full advantage of the testers before you buy so you know what you are getting. Here are my all time favourite drugstore products to create a total make-up look which I use frequently and I would most definitely repurchase! 

1. Moisturiser

Before applying make-up, it is really important to hydrate your skin with a good moisturiser, this will also help your make up glide on smoothly and last longer. Wait a good 5-10 minutes before applying make up after moisturiser. This moisturiser I have been using ever since I started to wear make up and take good care of my skin. I switch to the rich formula in the winter months to hydrate my skin as it is naturally a lot drier. This product also smells great and is not too greasy so it absorbs quickly. It helps keep skin replenished and nourished all day long, and at £3.89 from Boots it really is a bargain. 

2. Concealer

For concealer, I always use Rimmel's 'Hide the blemish' concealer in soft honey. I love the texture of this concealer as it is so creamy and easy to use, the stick formula also makes it a great 'on the go' product. Glides onto the skin beautifully, concealing any dark under eye circles or blemishes, which we all have at some point i'm sure! It is also important to mention that you buy the correct shade of concealer, as if it is too dark it will only emphasise the areas you are trying to cover- who wants that! It is better to go one shade lighter if you aren't sure as this will only blend into the skin, rather than a dark shade drawing attention to your blemishes. If you do want to darken your complexion, it is better to use a darker toned bronzer rather than alter the shade of your concealer/foundation system. Keep your skin looking fresh and natural to enhance your existing beauty, rather than masking it in heavy darker make up, which will only look unnatural. £4.49, another great value product.

3. Foundation

For foundation, lately I have been loving Rimmel's lasting finish 25 hour (yes, 25 hour!!!) foundation. This is a great value foundation and it has lasted me for ages without having to repurchase yet as you only need a very small amount. Rimmel claims that sweat and humidity will not budge this foundation, and it does not disappoint. It is transfer-proof and really does last all day. Speaking on behalf of someone who has oily/combination skin, this foundation is great at mattifying the skin yet still looking subtly dewy and refreshed. It also goes in hand with the Rimmel concealer as both products compliment each other to create a perfectly flawless make up base, providing high coverage which is great if your prone to breakouts and blemishes. I always recommend applying foundation with a foundation brush, particularly if it is liquid formula like this one. I dot a small amount on each segment of my face and apply gently with my fingers first, as the heat helps to blend into the skin easily. Then it is important to use a brush to smooth out the skin and blend seamlessly to make it look like you have been gifted with perfect skin, not that you have stumbled upon this excellent foundation... £6.99.

4. Powder 

Rimmel Stay Matte Pressed Powder 14g

Seen as the previous products have been from the Rimmel collection, I have included their fabulous 'Stay Matte' powder as well as it provides a great base with their other products; however I also highly recommend No7's translucent powder as this also provides a great finish. Powder is essential to not only set your foundation into place, securing it firmly so that it doesn't budge all day, but also keep your skin looking matte, not oily which can easily happen if, like me you have oily/combination skin. This powder really does keep your skin looking matte all throughout the day no matter what activity, controlling shine for up to 12 hours, and minimising the appearance of pores. Push this onto the skin with a large bristled brush to secure your base into place all throughout the day, paying close attention to the crease underneath the eyes and the eyelids as they can be quite oily. This also provides a good base for shadow. £3.99

5. Blusher 

2true Blusher True Colour 1 Pink Blush

There are so many blushers that I love, particularly those from Benefit, Rimmel (again) and Sleek, especially the one I featured in my winter favourites in the shade pomegranate which is absolutely delightful for this time of year. This one featured is by 2true, true colour 1 pink blush, and it is such a bargain being only £1.99 from Superdrug.  It brings a flush of colour to the apples of your cheeks, adding to a youthful and radiant complexion. 

6. Highlighter 

So if I had to pick a favourite make up product ever- which is unbelievably hard!- this shimmer brick from Sue Moxley, Famous range has the edge. I love it so much because it is just like Bobbi Brown's shimmer brick collection, yet unbelievably cheaper! It can be used as solely a blush, but its reflective shimmery particularly make the most beautiful highlighter. Dust this at the top of the cheekbones, above the apple of your cheeks for a youthful and glamorous look. What's more, the single brick colours can be used alone for eye shadows!

7. Eyebrows

Eyebrows can totally make or break a look. Leave them completely and if your not blessed with thick, natural brows, they can look sparse and unrefined; fill them in too much and you can verge on looking too 'made-up' and unnatural, neither a particularly good look! The trick is to fill them in gently  using an angled eye brush, in a soft motion following the natural shape of your brow, starting at the arch and following downwards to create a natural curve. I naturally have really dark eyebrows, so I use this eye shadow from MUA, on shade 19-Matt, yet they also have a variation of lighter shades. I use this as a dark shadow in the crease of my eye to widen it, and double it up as an eyebrow filler. I find that using a powder rather than a pencil creates a softer,  more natural finish, and besides, it stays on much longer. Did I mention this is only £1?! Amazing value from MUA, such a great quality range with crazy cheap prices. 

8. Eye shadow primer (optional) 
Click to view Shadowbase
If you find that like me, your eye shadow doesn't stay put and often creases, you need a primer. This one is from front cover cosmetics-link above as it is no longer sold in boots-and it is such a good shadow base that will keep your shadow in one place! It also has a shimmery effect which serves as a simple eye colour if you don't want to add shadow. Just layer all over the eyelid with a finger and then apply shadow. £8. 

9. Eye shadow

MUA Pro Pallette Undressed
For every day neutral colours, this pro pallette from MUA called 'undressed' is a perfect must have for day to day wear, including all the natural, essential go-to shades for any occasion. It encompasses a great combination of shimmery and matte colours to create a clean and natural look. These eye shadows also have great staying power, and at £4 for a pallette it truly is an incredible bargain which is essential for any make up kit; these are the colours you can not be without. 

10. Liquid eye liner 

Liquid eye liner is my essential item for transforming a somewhat plain look into something eye-catching and enthralling. Liquid eye liner is perhaps the most difficult to use, however once you get it right it can transform the entire face, opening the eyes and making them look much bigger. The key to getting that desired, perfect, feline eye liner is to pull the outer corner of your eye out to stretch the lid, then you will find you have much more control. Start in the middle of the eye, and wing out to the side, following the natural upwards curve of the bottom lash. Then fill in very finely into the inner corner to open up the eye. You can achieve many different styles of line with a liquid formula, the key is symmetry on both eyes. I find this 'Fast Stroke' eye liner from Collection 2000 to be the easiest, budget eye liner to use as it has a built in, thin brush to create a controlled look. This eye liner stays put all throughout the day, and does not flake. I have been using this eye liner most days for years, I always repurchase it because it never fails to impress me, moreover at £2.99 its a real gem of a product. 

11. Mascara

Maybelline Falsies Black Drama Mascara

After applying liner, curl lashes and apply lashings of volumizing mascara. At the moment, I love Maybelline's Falsies mascara as it really creates that desired false lash effect in a tube, without the hassle of putting eye lashes on! I also recommend L'oreal's volumizing mascara, however it is a little more expensive. This one is only £7.99, and for an ultra black pigmented mascara with unique staying power and unique spoon brush for ultra thick lashes with no gaps, this is worth it!

12. Lipstick 

Personally I prefer lipstick rather than gloss, especially for this time of year when a matte look is preferable. This is my favourite lipstick of all time, and I have around 50. I wear this shade everyday because it is the ideal colour to compliment any make up look. This is from no7, in shade sugar plum, and it is an almost purple, plum tone. It looks great as a soft stain for everyday, or apply it heavily for a dark, rich tone; a great transit for night time. It is a nourishing formula to keep lips smooth, soft and hydrated. 

Combine all these products for an everyday make up look, extremely wearable and timeless, and for an excellent price! 

This is just to show the comparison between an eye with simple and conventional liquid eye liner, mascara and base eye shadow, contrasting against the bare eye that has only base on. As you can see, the difference in size is notable- the left eye looks a lot bigger due to the eye liner which seems to open your eyes entirely, and mascara which completely alerts your eye making it appear more wide-eyed and more awake. 

Truffle Shuffle Jewelry

So I have recently discovered the brand 'Disney Couture' which creates perfectly original jewelry based on all your favourite Disney films, which if your like me is the best thing ever! These items are all available on: and would create the best Christmas gift for a Disney fan if your short of ideas. Here are some of my favourite items that I will be asking for this Christmas...

These one-off bangles are my all time favourite. They are super chic are wearable every day for a truly unique signature style for any Disney fan- of any age!  They are all priced at £33.99. 

This classic silver-plated 'Believe' necklace is perfect. It incorporates stars jeweled in swarovski crystals and a perching Tinkerbell for an unbelievably cute and precious look, priced at £29.99. 

Truffle Shuffle is great for retro pieces of jewelry that you can guarantee nobody else will have, making your look truly unique. Here are some other pieces I love...

Retro pop art cartoon kiss necklace from 'Punky Pinks'

Woah! How cool is this?! This is such a funky unique necklace which guarantees to add some charm to your outfit. Unique and quirky, offering some character to any outfit, and at only £13.99!

This tea party and biscuit ring is so adorable from 'Girl in the blue city'. £7.99MAIN
This gold plated Cinderella carriage ring is ideal for any princess and Disney fan, also from Disney couture. Its beautiful, intricate design creates such a feeling of nostalgia, forcing you to reminisce your favourite Disney moments! This pretty antique finish ring can be worn on its own or stacked up with others from this collection, a truly pretty piece, and only £9.49! I want this.

Friday, 9 November 2012

Winter Favourites

Champneys citrus body scrub £8.

In the winter season, skin if often a lot drier and therefore needs a lot more attention. This gentle exfoliating scrub is perfect to remove dead skin cells and dry skin to get your skin looking wonderfully smooth and soft. Whats more, it smells absolutely unbelievable of citrus fragrances, and the coarse texture of cardamon, coconut fibres and brown sugar feels so luxurious when putting on the skin. Gently rub into skin twice a week to exfoliate the skin, leaving it beautifully fresh and hydrated. I would then use Champneys citrus body lotion which combines lemon, mandarin and sweet almond oil to really nourish the skin and make it super soft; the pair works really great together and you end up with lovely soft skin that lasts. Particularly good after shaving to remove the dry skin. 
Nails Inc Victoria And Albert Classic Red Nail Polish 10ml
Nails Inc- Victoria & Albert

This is a classic all year round shade, however it is particularly fitting for Christmas!  Nails Inc is also  expertly adept at creating a polish which will not chip, long lasting quality nail polish which will never fail to look classic and sophisticated. I would advise however applying a top coat over to seal completely the polish and make it last all through the season! Each at £11. 
MAC lipstick in 'rebel'

This lipstick is the complete perfect shade for winter! Winter is the one season to rock a dark lip  and neutral eye combo, and this shade gives the traditional red lip to a modern twist. Its rich, intense, plum colour creates an immediate dramatic, brave look which will transform any outfit and make up look instantly. If you don't want to wear this straight from the bullet, blot it onto the lip with a finger and then use balm to create a soft stain, which still has a gorgeous impact suitable for day time. I would pair this lipstick with a strong gel liner and bare lids to allow the lip to take centre stage, bronzed contoured cheeks and layers of mascara to balance out the look. 
Sleek Make up- Pomegranate blush
This blush is so beautiful as its truly unusual deep, borderline purple shade creates a wonderful shimmery, yet deep colour on the skin. However, it is fair to say that this blush is my no means too harsh on the skin, however I would stay clear if you have super pale skin- this suits darker tones much better. Whilst creating rich colour, this blush also provides a highlighter as its shimmery particles reflect against the skin, contouring the cheekbones and drawing light to the skin making the skin appear fresher and more luminous. This is also a great value product at £4.49.
Revlon in 'Vixen'

This is the perfect autumn nail polish shade! Its deep, rich wine colour instantly reminds me of autumn and the winter months. It is also a very wearable classic shade, suitable for every day wear, and a timeless essential that will always bring you instant confidence. 
Barry M in 'Silver Lilac'

Although not conventionally 'wintry', I have just discovered this amazing new shade from Barry M! It looks like a  lilac metallic at first, however glittery iridescent particles appear making it instantly perfect for the winter season. Beneath the lilac surface is also beautiful hints of metallic green, making this shade truly unique and perfect for a Christmas party! At £2.99 per bottle, this really is affordable for the great quality nail polish. Once again Barry M have proven their nail polish is almost bullet-proof- I put mine on two weeks ago for a party, haven't reapplied since and it still remains indestructible! This is definitely my favourite nail colour at the moment!

Best Celebrity Make-up Looks

1. Marina and the Diamonds- Primadonna

 I may be biased as I am a huge Marina fan, however her make-up in the Primadonna video is undeniably effortless, yet dramatic. The strong brows feature prominently, framing her face and accentuating her eyes; whilst the somewhat subtle eye look contrasts perfectly against the richness of the strong plum lip she wears. The white eye liner appears to highlight her eyes, drawing light upon these features. To complete the look, she contours her cheeks subtly with bronzer to create a somewhat intense, yet natural look. To top it off, she seals her look with her signature 'heart' on the left side of her cheek, alluring to her character. This is one of my favourite make-up looks as it uses all the technicalities of make-up, without appearing too overpowering, exuding effortless 50's glamour.

2. Kim Kardashian
 Kim Kardashian is undoubtedly, astonishingly beautiful. However, her make-up adds to this considerably and, in my opinion, she always gets it right. Similarly to Marina, she wears a strong brow with flawless skin. Her eyes are heavily lined with black kohl, and her cheeks are contoured to emphasize her already strong cheekbones. Kim pairs this look with a nude lip, topped off with gloss to make the look more natural.

3. Mila Kunis
So Mila Kunis always looks stunning, and her make up always continues to amaze me, (not just due to her unbelievably good genetics). Her make up look here is simple enough to wear day to day, her brows are always perfectly arched and not 'overly done'. Her eyes are framed with black kohl in her inner lids, and she wears a soft grey shadow to bring out her stark green eyes. She layers her lashes with lots of mascara to make her eyes instantly pop, teams with flawless skin and natural lip. Perfect!
4. Miranda Kerr

I'm sure we'd all love to be a Victoria Secret model like the gorgeous Miranda Kerr, however with the right make up it is more possible than you may think. The secret to the make up of one of these beautiful models is carefully bronzed, golden, yet natural looking skin. Dust a bronzing powder all over the skin with a hint of shimmer, paying extra attention to the temples and cheekbones. Light eye shadow is crucial, especially in the inner corners of the eyes to really enhance the brightness of the eyes and make them seem wider, followed by natural looking false lashes to add thickness. Finally, a sheer lip gloss is essential to looking spectacularly glamorous! 

5. Katy Perry

Katy Perry always exudes glamour due to her skillfully applied make up. This look is particularly effective as I believe her imagine is completely transformed due to the power of make up, she is almost unrecognisable, however still stunningly beautiful. Her signature perfect brows remain strong and thick, shaping her face and setting the eyes into focus. She wears a strong black, thick eyeliner which completely enhances and widens her eyes. I would recommend a gel formula such as that of Bobbi Browns, to get that perfectly striking eye look. The rest of her look is kept fairly natural to allow the eyes to be the main focus.