Wednesday, 17 July 2013

My Top Five Beauty Tips for Vacation

Courtesy of Pinterest

Hey guys! 
Seen as I've just got back from holiday I thought it would be a wise idea to share with you some of my ultimate holiday make-up tips to try and make your vacation less stressful! I'm lucky enough to be going on holiday again next week so these are definitely tips I will be keeping in mind during the blazing heat which just doesn't go hand in hand with make-up!

1. On holiday, less is more...
It just does not make sense to me to be wearing a ton of make-up on the beach. Personally it is just too much hassle to maintain combined with oiliness, sweat, sunscreen, and make-up? Wearing make-up in the daytime on holiday is a recipe for disaster for my oily complexion. I'm all up for wearing make-up to go out in the evenings when you want to look your best but whilst lying under the sun, is it really necessary to wear foundation and the like? I don't know about you but mine would just melt off completely hence, a complete waste. On holiday make-up should enhance your fabulous tan and natural glow, not mask it, hence less is definitely more in my opinion. Of an evening I tend to stick with a BB cream, concealer, powder (non-negotiable), blush, bronzer, mascara and lipstick. Ditch the gel liner and the lashes- who has time for this on vacation? To me there is something ultra sexy about a natural face with just a sweep of mascara for intensity and a bold lip to add something exciting to your look.

2. Powder Powder Powder...
Even if you aren't cursed with the hindrance that is oily skin, your skin will naturally go slightly oilier on holiday due to sweating, hence powder is your new best friend. Dust gently all over your face, paying particular attention to your T-zone (forehead and nose) where you sweat most, and also your chin and upper lip. If you do have oily skin, the trick is to layer your make-up to help prevent it sweating off, e.g. apply cream blush, then layer powder, then bronzer and then a dust more powder if you wish to lock your make-up tightly in place. I recommend two powders in particular; my trusty Rimmel Stay Matte, and Soap and Glory One Heck of A Blot. These will help keep you looking matte, but of course they aren't going to make you look matte forever realistically if you have oily skin, so always make sure to take your compact out with you.  

3. Opt for Cream Products...
As opposed to powder, choose cream based products instead as these have longer staying powder and will not sweat off which powder can do in the heat. This rule particularly applies for blush, for me cream blush is so much nicer in the summer instead of powder and will have much longer staying power, whilst also helping you look extra glowy and more natural looking. My favorite at the moment is Revlon's Pinched, I wore this incessantly in Zante for its natural, healthy glow to create the classic 'no make-up look'. Cream eye products are also a lot better for holiday as these will crease less and keep your make-up looking fresher for longer. I couldn't recommend Maybelline's Colour Tattoo's for staying power any higher, particularly the cult shade on-and-on bronze which is all I wore on my eyes on holiday. It is such a beautiful colour that goes with literally every outfit under the sun to create a very put together look that actually took no effort at all. Despite my excessively oily lids, these stay on my eyes all night with minimal creasing. 

4. Whip out your Brow Gel...
Especially if you fill in your brows using powder for a natural look, powder may melt down your face in the heat revealing not so natural looking brows...hence brow gel is your savior! This will keep your brows looking perfectly natural and groomed at the same time- best.invention.ever. If you don't have brow gel or forget to take one with you, a top tip is to spray a brow groomer brush with hairspray and then use this to comb through your brows. This will have the same effect of keeping your brows perfectly intact throughout the night, whilst also holding your brow product tightly in place.

5. Rock a Bold Lip...
If you can't rock a bold lip in summer then when can you? Of course you can rock a bold lip any time of year, but for summer something about a bright, daring lip adds such character and fun to a seemingly boring make-up look. If, like me, you go fairly natural on your make-up on holiday, rocking a statement lip will transform your look completely. If you rock a bright orange lip in winter I salute you, but in the summer and especially on vacation you will look bang on trend and super fun. A few of my favorite bright bold lips at the moment include Revlon's lip butter in Wild Watermelon, Rimmel's Kate Moss 110 Vibrant Coral, and Maybelline Color-sensational Vivid in 902 Fuchsia Flash. Something about glossy lips in summer is also so gorgeous that I cannot resist layering a bold gloss on top for a sultry finish, my favorite at the moment is Revlon's Sizzle, a bold orange colour that looks like a match made in heaven with wild watermelon. 


Lush: Grease Lightning- My Skin's New Best Friend!

I may or may not have mentioned before that I went through a phase of having quite bad acne, to the point where nothing could clear it and it seriously got me down. Fortunately after developing a regular skincare routine, eating right (or at least trying to!) and using all the spot treatments available, I found this little beauty from Lush which I think is one of the main reasons for my new found clear skin. Firstly, if you do have bad acne I would highly recommend visiting your doctor who will automatically prescribe you a cream to clear away most of the acne, you can then follow on to a stronger cream if necessary. This was one of the major reasons for why my skin recovered, and now I only have the occasional, although annoying, breakout. When I do, I always reach for this spot treatment which is a natural clear gel formula which helps to attack the spot and heal it gently. What's worked best for me is to put this on every night as I think that it helps with preventing future breakouts and also helps to naturally heal some of my scarring. Just some of the magic ingredients include aloe vera for its naturally soothing properties, tea tree oil which is a powerful antiseptic to target breakouts, and also witch hazel which is fantastic for healing and renewing the skin. I love the feel of this on my skin; I just love a product where you can feel it working its magic! This may not be strong enough for bouts of severe acne, but it is is perfect for someone like me with oily skin who is prone to an occasional breakout; it will undoubtedly reduce the spots appearance quickly and also help to heal it naturally so that you aren't left with unsightly scarring. 

Have you guys tried this or any other fantastic spot treatments?