Monday, 25 August 2014

Max Factor Colour Elixir Lip Gloss: Captivating Ruby

I received this gloss in a free gift package a few months back and have lately been putting it to the test. It is essentially a vivid gloss with strong colour pigment that leaves a stain after the gloss wears off, which it does after a few hours. First of all, I love this red colour as it is as bright as reds come which I find most flattering and vibrant. One can not be a wallflower and wear a shade like this, which is great as it really makes you stand out which inspires confidence. It goes on really smoothly, but due to the bright shade it takes a careful application; sadly it is not one of those glosses that can be just thrown on without looking. Once it is on however, it is a great statement lip and does last a solid couple of hours. Word of warning though, if you are eating/drinking the gloss holds up for less time. Once the gloss has faded, a more subtle red shade is left which is nice if you want a more natural look. It is not akin to Rimmel Apocalips in the sense that it stays on forever without having to apply it again, but it gets my thumbs up in terms of how it looks. I think this is a lovely statement summer look combining a beaut red shade with a super glossy finish which is perfect for tanned, sun kissed skin. As for longevity, I have tried better staying glosses but having to apply it a few more times throughout the night is worth the lustrous look it gives. What's more, it isn't at all sticky which is always a winner in my opinion as there is nothing worse than a lip gloss hair situation. I will be wearing this non stop throughout my holiday this week, and you can get your hands on it for £7.99, a fairly standard price for this type of product; I couldn't be happier receiving it for free and I probably would purchase it regardless of that.

Have you guys tried any glosses from this range?

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