Wednesday, 2 April 2014

Current 'Holy Grail' Products

So seen as I have been M.I.A for a seriously long time, I feel like a post on my current favorites is more than overdue. Instead of doing an explicit favorites post, these are a select few items which I literally could not be without in my make-up bag; all items which I would repurchase over and over again, so-called 'holy grail' products if you like. I have been using all of these for at least 3 months, hence I have thoroughly tested them and can honestly vouch for them.

Let's start with the Urban Decay Naked 3 palette. I got this at Christmas as a gift and I was literally so overjoyed. I was desperate to do a post on it and share my love but without a camera or a phone with a flash, that was pretty difficult. I am sure by this point everybody is sick and tired of hearing how amazing the much anticipated Naked 3 palette is and I'm fairly confident that the majority of bloggers/YouTubers out there own this thing and already know how wonderful it is, but if you haven't got your hands on it yet, what are you waiting for?! The quality of these shadows is unparalleled which I am sure goes without saying, one swipe offers super strong pigmentation and incredible staying power, which for £37 for 12 shadows, in comparison with around £12 for just one MAC shade, is a no brainer. It truly is as good as people say and I must have used it more or less every day I've worn make-up since I got it, evening or daytime. It is simply the most stunning palette ever, and my favorite out of the three of them by a country mile. Shortly after Christmas I brought the Naked 2 to complete my set as I heard that it was many people's favorite out of the three, but for me this is my perfect palette. Literally if I had to customize my own palette, i'm pretty sure it would look something like this, pink and sparkly, yet surprisingly wearable. Out of the 12 shades, all but 3 are shimmery, but the 3 matte shades are all you need to create the perfect smoky eye. Although the pinkness of the palette might put some people off, the shades are so muted and neutral that they are extremely wearable, yet they add such a unique element to your make-up look which makes you look refined and polished, with an edge. I find this is a really sophisticated day-time look; my favorite day-to-day is to use limit across the lid, then blend nooner into the crease, finished with strange in the inner corner and brow bone. It is by no means overpowering or too heavy, yet it seriously adds something to the everyday face with such minimal effort. As for the evening, my favorite is to do pretty much the same but with blackheart blended into the crease for a more dramatic and glamorous look. I will be doing posts soon featuring my favorite looks from this palette, so stay peeled for that! 

Before I forget that this post is not just about the Naked 3 palette, I'll move on to the best bronzer ever. This is the Honey Bronze Bronzing Powder from The Body Shop, and it is seriously the best one I've ever tried, so much so that I find it impossible to go back to anything else. The thing that makes this so wonderful is how incredibly natural it makes you look, literally giving you the feeling of having just been in the natural sun. It comes in 4 shades, and I have the third one, yet even the fourth shade is not too dark. This bronzer is completely matte which is perfect for contouring, and literally a beautiful tan color which never looks orange. Unless you have super fair skin, I would recommend going for shade 3 which isn't too dark at all; no matter how much you apply, it still just looks like that perfect after-holiday tanned glow. I've almost hit pan on mine now which is exciting because I never normally love bronzers as much as this, and at £13 I think this is totally worth it. 

My favorite blush these days is the Rose Gold blush from Sleek, which as you can see in the image above, is super beautiful. To me, this just screams spring/summer. It is a pinky peach tone with golden flecks of shimmer, a shade which I only whip out normally this time of year. The pigmentation of Sleek blushers is unreal, the best I have tried from the drugstore for sure. Due to the highlighting effect which is super pretty in the daylight, highlighter is not necessary, yet unlike a lot of blushers that have shimmer, this still retains that pop of color which makes it an absolute steal at just £4.49. 

My favorite lipstick not only right now, but possibly ever (big claim I know), is the Collection Deluxe lipstick in 02 Talullah. I wear this literally every day. It is the perfect every day pink, your lips but better shade. I whack this on no matter what make-up I have on purely because I know it will go beautifully. Not only in the day, this goes stunningly with a dramatic smoky eye, I particularly love wearing this with my nighttime take on the Naked 3 palette. The formula of these lipsticks is seriously a winner, another favorite of mine during the winter holidays was prohibition from the same line, they are super nourishing and smooth, creamy and pigmented which is a rare combination which reminds me very much of MAC cremesheen lipsticks. At £3.99, this is an absolute gem. And they smell wonderful which always makes me happy!

Collection's Lasting Perfection Concealer is the best concealer ever. I'm actually convinced, and I don't want to even try others which are undoubtedly much more expensive, purely because this works so well, and at just £4.19 it is seriously under priced! I have been using this for so long now, I have the lightest shade for under my eyes which is so good at brightening and concealing dark circles, and then I have the second shade for any redness/blemishes/scars and all that nasty stuff. If you haven't tried this yet go for it, I swear you won't need to use another concealer again. 

I am also pretty sure that I have found my favorite mascara. This is a big deal because I must change my mascara every time one runs out. It is Max Factor's Masterpiece Max High Volume & Definition Mascara. The length this gives my lashes is seriously unbeatable, so much so that numerous people think they are false, totally worth it for £9.99. This tube is running out and I will be repurchasing it for sure. 

Another great discovery is Maybelline's Brow Drama Sculpting Brow Mascara. I always used to just use clear mascara to shape and keep my brows intact, but this is so much better because not only does it do this, but it adds a tiny bit of color to make them more defined and set my powder in place. Such a winner at £4.99 as well!

Finally, I went back to my old favorite liquid eyeliner. I had been using gel for a while but I found it more smudgy and messy to work with, whereas I find liquid liner more slick and sophisticated, with better staying power. My all time favorite is Collection's Fast Stroke eyeliner. Wow, Collection are seriously on it because this stuff is insane. It is blacker than black, thick and totally opaque. You don't have to keep building it for intensity, just a few swipes and you have the perfect cat eye. This is actually what helped me learn how to perfect liquid liner due to the super precise nib which is the perfect thickness and really easy to control. If you are a beginner at liner or if you just find it tricky, seriously grab your hands on this! At £2.99, I will be buying this for life.



  1. How pretty is the Naked 3 palette? So gorgeous. I love pinky toned eyeshaddow too, it's stunning! Xx

    Beauty Soup | UK Beauty Blog

  2. Some great products there!! I want to try the Naked 3 palette so bad haha :) the colours look gorgeous! And sleek blusher is my favourite brand for blusher! Love it :)
    Love your blog :)
    Ava xox

  3. I'm so glad someone else shares my love for Masterpiece Max, it is my ultimate high street mascara!

    Belle ♥
    Mascara & Maltesers

  4. The naked 3 palette looks lovely! I already have the basics one but this one looks like a great addition!

    Now following your lovely blog on Bloglovin'!
    Fashion Ganache.


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