Monday, 10 June 2013

The Perfect Everyday Bag

Hey guys!

Recently I came across this gorgeous, practical, classic and utterly perfect bag for everyday use. I probably own far too many bags already, yet I have never found the perfect go-to bag for everyday wear; the multi-functional dream bag that will go with everything so that you never have to buy a bag again. I am somebody who has to carry around everything imaginable in their bag 'just in case' , a 'Marry Poppins bag' so to speak, hence when I saw how spacious and organised this bag was I absolutely had to have it. What I love most about this bag is how it is structured; it has three large zip compartments, including the middle padded section in which you can transport your iPad/ laptop, and also two sections in between, (That's an unbelievable FIVE compartments!) with neatly organised sections for your phone, business cards, and discreet pockets to store anything you like. In my eyes, this makes this the perfect office bag, school bag, everyday bag for the person who just loves to transport their world around with them. I thought this would be ideal for starting university in September as it is the perfect size with the capacity to store and sustain everything you need. Besides from the practicalities of this bag, I think it is aesthetically wonderful as well; it reminds me of a particular Prada bag in the way it is structured. It is also super sturdy and durable which makes it the most ideal everyday bag for books etc, you know it will not break after a few weeks unlike other bags which I am sure we've all experienced. Moreover, I think this bag looks super expensive and classy; it will most likely go with any outfit and can be styled for the daytime and nighttime transition; all of which, in my eyes, make it the perfect bag. 

This bag has been pretty popular already; I managed to grab the last one in my local store, but it is still available on the website. You can grab this bag from Zara for £50. 



  1. This is gorgeous! And what did you use to edit that first picture?

    p.s miss you and definitely see you next week ;)


    1. Aw I miss you too! And thanks, I made an arrow on publisher and then pasted it onto the picture :)


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