Saturday, 15 June 2013

My Summer Make-Up Essentials

So seen as it is summer I thought I would create a post on all my summer beauty must haves, especially products that are bullet proof/heatproof as there is absolutely nothing worse than heavy make-up slipping and sliding all over your face in the heat. I personally love wearing less make-up in summer as I prefer the more natural look and usually with a tan, I don't feel the need to wear nothing more than the basics. But at the same time, a lot of people still like to wear their usual make-up but just change to products which are much more long lasting and will keep your make-up looking fresh all day long. 

In the summertime I usually still like to wear a foundation, purely because I have a bit of hyper-pigmentation from acne scarring which I prefer to cover up, but if your have near enough perfect skin I would totally skip wearing foundation; a bit of concealer will have you set perfectly. I like to switch to something that is quite light in texture so it doesn't feel like I have make-up on, but at the same time, something that gives me decent coverage and generally makes my skin look better. I love wearing my good old trusty Rimmel Match Perfection foundation; this is my go-to foundation and I wear this on a daily basis purely because I trust that it will look good without being heavy. This is perfect for the summer too because it is light and can be applied sparingly using a buffing brush for an almost sheer, tinted moisturiser finish, but is also very build-able and provides a good amount of coverage. What makes it ideal for summer is that is has SPF in it of 18 which is perfect; it means you can skip the sunscreen step on your face which is a lot more convenient. 
An alternative to wearing foundation is a BB cream; I have recently started testing this one from Rimmel which is better if you have near-perfect skin as it doesn't provide a great amount of coverage, which is why I prefer the foundation. This is perfect for holidays though when I don't like to wear a lot of make-up; it has SPF 30 which is fantastic, and is super lightweight so it doesn't feel like you have anything on your skin other than moisturiser. This product claims that it has 9 steps in one, including primer, concealer etc, which makes it the perfect one step product for holidays to stop you carrying around heaps of make-up. 
On top of this I've also been testing the Wake Me Up concealer, also from Rimmel, which I have seriously been loving. I think this is the best concealer for summer because it is super light yet still covers dark circles and blemishes, without creasing which makes this an essential in my summer make-up bag.

Also, If you are going on holiday and you know that your skin will most definitely change colour, I would advise getting hold of your foundation/BB cream one/two shades darker depending on how much you tan, that you can mix into your regular shade in order to adjust to your new skin tone. 

In the summer I would absolutely not be without bronzer. It accentuates your already fabulous tan and if you haven't got a tan, it is all the more believable that your bronzed glow is real purely because it is summertime! My favourite one at the moment is the one from Bourjois; I have used this for a few months now and I think it is the most natural looking one I have used. Dust the bronzer on anywhere on your face that you would usually tan the most; the bridge of the nose, the temples, and highest points of your cheeks. Then blend down into the jawline and neck in order to match and create a flawless finish. Not only does this bronzer smell unbelievable, but it is perfect for me because it is matte, with a very slight soft shimmer which makes it more natural looking. When I am tanned on holiday, one of my favourite looks is to just wear bronzer all over for a tanned glow, with a bright coral lip to bring some fun and colour to the face.

As well as bronzer, powder and highlighter are also essential for summer. For me, there is only one powder I turn to all year round, but for summer especially I use none other than Rimmel Stay Matte powder. There is a reason that this powder is a firm favourite in so many beauty guru's kits; it is fantastic. For somebody who has oily skin, I can vouch that this powder will keep your make-up in place and keep you looking matte and shine free all day! 
For highlighter I have been drifting between my all time favourite Benefit High Beam which is amazing as it provides such a pigmented glow to the cheeks, perfect for summer as it makes you look radiant and luminous. I have also been trying out MUA's Undress Your Skin shimmer highlighter, which is great for the price and I absolutely love the marble effect finish of the packaging. It is not as long lasting as Benefit's High Beam, and at times it can be somewhat chalky, but it does have strong pigmentation and if you apply just a little bit, it gives a lovely shimmery finish which is perfect for summer.

In the summertime, although I still wear powder blush most of the time, there is something about cream blush which makes them perfect and much more suitable for summer. Lately I got hold of Revlon's Photoready cream blush in the shade Pinched, which is a beautiful peach, natural toned blush. It has a lovely texture and finish on the skin, and if you set this with powder it will stay put for ages! A much more natural, 'barely there' make-up look for summer.

Like with the cream blush, cream shadow is so much better for summertime because it has stronger staying power; powder has a greater tendency to melt off the skin, especially if you have oily eyelids like me! I have therefore been gravitating towards my favourite shades of Maybelline Color 24HR Tattoo cream shadows, in 'On and on Bronze' and 'Pink Gold'. The pigmentation in these is unbelievable and they look amazing on the eyes alone, or you can use these underneath eye shadow which will really help keep it in place all day long. Another I have been loving is the Rimmel Scandaleyes eye shadow stick in 'Bulletproof Beige'. This colour is so gorgeous because it is a super subtle beige, gold colour with soft shimmer, which makes this perfect for a natural look and also as a base for shadow. These are really easy to blend out with your fingers, and once in place they set and stay place for absolutely ages.
Another essential for summer in my opinion is waterproof mascara. This will ensure if you are swimming or just in the heat and you find that your eye make-up smudges, that this will stay put.  Although I absolutely adore Maybelline's The Falsies, I couldn't find a waterproof formula, but I have been loving Max Factor's Clump Defy waterproof version. This is super bulletproof, but it also gives a natural looking effect and is true to its name as being non clumpy which I think is perfect for summer because it doesn't actually look like you have loads of mascara on; just that you have lovely long lashes. 

Bold lips is probably my favourite  trend for summer because I think it can transform a look and make it fun and edgy which is perfect for the laid-back style summer look which I love. I don't like super matte lips in the summer because it can be quite drying; I much prefer lips that are soft and moisturized with colour, hence Revlon's Lip Butters are perfect. They are super moisturising so you don't need balm, but I would advise wearing a lip balm with SPF because burning your lips is horrible. My favourite shades of the lip butters are 'Wild Watermelon' which is a beautiful red, coral tone with bright pink undertones, and 'Raspberry Pie' which is a pink fuchsia with a hint of purple if you build it up. What I love about these is that you can apply only a  bit and blend it out with your fingers to create a soft stain and hint of colour, or you can build them up to create the same effect as a bold lipstick, but with these you have the benefit of having soft, hydrated lips too. 
Summer is probably the only time of year when I wear lip gloss  I'm much more of a lipstick girl, but in summer I think gloss is beautiful. I have been using this gorgeous pink gloss with hints of gold shimmer from Model co, courtesy of Glamour magazine this month, so get your hands on it because it is such a steal! It is not too sticky; one of the reasons I dislike gloss most of the time is because of the glossy texture that always sticks to my hair!

What have your been loving for summer?


  1. i love the colour tattoos! so pretty xx

  2. Ooooh that Rimmel London BB Cream looks pretty good! And those lip butters from Revlon are very bright and pretty for summer.

    Btw, thanks for stopping by and subscribing to my blog. Now following you back through gfc and bloglovin. :)

    Lynn | Makeup With Tea | Bloglovin'

  3. I just bought the Pinched PhotoReady Creme Blush - I am super-excited to try it :)
    Grace xx

  4. The Revlon Lip Butters are good :) I have about 3 or 4 shade of them! Also have the Maybelline Colour 24Hour Tattoo in Pink Gold and it's nice to just add a sheer colour to the lid!
    Now following you :) Feel free to check out my blog to if you like! :)


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