Monday, 10 June 2013

Prom: Leavers Ball!

So I know I am super late with this post seen as my prom was in April... But I've just been incredibly busy and stressed doing my A-level exams which are thankfully now finished, which means I can fully get back to blogging yay! 

First of all, I found my dress unexpectedly in Ted Baker outlet; I loved how simple and classic it was in the typical 'prom' shape, but I thought the added bronzed beading on the bust made it more interesting and perfect for prom. Seen as this was in Ted Baker outlet, I got this dress for a perfect steal at £100 instead of the original £265 price tag, so I was pretty happy with that bargain! 

Bag- Monsoon £25
Shoes- Mango £30 

Earrings- Miss Selfridge £10

The key thing about prom make-up is that it is ultra long-lasting. I applied my make-up at around 4.PM, and was out until 4. AM, so it had to be long lasting or else my face may have melted off completely. Besides, I have oily skin so I it was paramount for me to make my make-up as long lasting as possible in order for me to keep stress free. Having said this, I can safely say that my make-up stayed in place for this full amount of time, with me only having to touch up on powder/lipstick once throughout the night. So I am going to recommend these fantastic products that kept my make-up in place! 

First things first for longevity is to use a primer; even if you don't have oily skin I would advise using a primer for an occasion like prom in order to make sure your make-up does not budge. I swear by Nivea Express Hydration primer; it is super smooth and dries instantly and really keeps my base make-up intact. 

For foundation I used Revlon Colourstay Foundation for oily/combination skin which I can honestly say is the best foundation I have ever tried for oily skin. It gave super good coverage which was perfect for an occasion like prom where you want a flawless finish, and it did not budge at all. Although, as a result, this foundation is quite heavy, I feel like it is absolutely worth it for the full coverage and longevity provides, which was a complete life saver for me at prom. If your looking for a super long-lasting foundation, I seriously recommend this!

The final product which I would seriously not be without at prom is a powder in order to set your make-up firmly in place. I used my trusty Rimmel Stay Matte powder and took this with me to touch up throughout the night. This powder is truly amazing and set my base perfectly; it did not disturb the colour of my foundation or allow my oiliness to break out which I half expected due to my oily skin, but the combination of this and Revlon Colourstay was a serious miracle worker! 

I was also seriously impressed with how my eyelashes stayed perfectly intact all night! I half expected to have one eyelash falling off throughout the night and took glue with me just in case  but my Eylure Cheryl Cole lashes miraculously stayed in place perfectly.

I went quite bold on my eyes with a bronzed, golden, smokey look, so I went for fairly neutral pink lips and used my favorite Bobbi Brown Rich Lip Color in Wild Rose, which is also a super long-lasting formula which is perfect for prom. These lipsticks are beautiful and moisturising, yet provide a highly pigmented colour on the lips which lasts all night.

Me and my gorgeous friends at Prom!



  1. You looked gorgeous! The make up is fab! x

  2. you look beautiful, nice dress :)


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