Saturday, 5 January 2013

NY Resolutions


Yes that's right its another new year, the time when there's yet another opportunity to reinvent, amend, and look to the future. I was a bit wary about doing a resolution post because to be fair, I never stick to them past the first month. I find sometimes setting yourself a mound of tasks to achieve in a year is too daunting so this year I simply only have a few things I would like to accomplish in 2013; which will be fabulous. 

2012 nostalgia
Here are a select few of my highs this year, which I have to admit, was a pretty alright year despite some obvious lows which we all have. In order to progress into the new year with a clear mind, it is vital to appreciate all the wonderful things that 2012 brought you- and yes if you look back, you will find there was more than you thought. 
  • going to Paris for my friends 18th the day after my exams finished
  • getting excellent AS results- something I will be forever proud of
  • Having an epic time at LEEDS festival
  • seeing Marina & the Diamonds live- my favey person ever
  • starting to blog of course!
2013 Resolutions
To be more pro-active: in other words less lazy. There is always something that needs doing whether it's homework, revision, reading, blogging etc.. Not to waste any time because this is a particularly crucial year. I've realised that things don't just magically happen for you, you don't just get handed things on a plate. If you really want something to happen you have to go out there and get it- and work hard at it. And if you fail at something you just have to keep going or else it will be unattainable. 

To get into university: self-explanatory. Not just to get into any university, but the one or ones that I really want to go to. And to make the most of it whilst i'm there. 

To continue being more positive: This was one of my main resolutions last year, and I think I have achieved it to some extent. I don't get bogged down in negative thinking as much any more which is quite an achievement as it is extremely easy for me to always see the worst in each situation. I've learnt there are always things to be grateful for, and there is always someone, somewhere in a worse position than you. Things can always be worse than they initially seem. I owe a lot to The Secret by Rhonda Byrne which I took a long time to fully grasp its main principles, and I still have a tiny bit of skepticism on certain aspects but basically, its taught me happiness is a choice, and anyone can choose to lead a happy life which is all anyone really wants. 

To make my blog the best it can be: This means a lot more views, a lot more followers, and a lot more success. Whether or not I have one follower or one million, I will continue to blog the best posts I can do. I love beauty and writing and it is something that I would one day like to combine into a full-time career. In the meantime, I love finding beauty blogs and continue to be inspired daily. 

To be more sociable: This shouldn't be a problem as I turn 18 real soon, so there will be no excuse not to go out! I want to be able to maintain the balance of managing work and going out and having fun, because you can't subordinate all your needs into one; you have to find the best of both worlds. This also fits into 'saying yes more', and being open to new opportunities and meeting new people. 

*Here's to 2013!*

What are your resolutions for 2013?


  1. Great resolutions. I've resolved to save more and spend less... Best of luck! fun size beauty

  2. Nice resolutions, good luck with getting into your chosen universities! :)

    Happy new year..

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    1. Thank you! Happy new year too :)
      I'll check out your blog xxx

  3. Your resolutions are pretty similar to mine too:) I'm 18 this year too i'm actually so excited! hehe, I hope 2013 is good to you:) x

  4. Great post. I never make too many resolutions as I never keep them, but in 2013 Id like to drink more water and eat more veggies...

    I have an international giveaway on my blog, hope you will enter;

    1. Aha sounds like a good one!
      And sure I'll check it out :) xx


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