Tuesday, 1 January 2013

Black and Gold NYE

So seen as last night was New Year's Eve (Happy New Year!) I thought I would go for a sparkly black and gold theme. I built my make up look and nails around my dress (topshop black and gold velvet glittery) and think it really epitomized the new year theme.

  • To get my make up look I began using a primer from Nivea (Express hydration primer). I don't normally use a primer as I find that a good moisturiser does the same job, but I had this one as a sample from Glamour magazine so I thought I would give it a try. It went on so smoothly and had instant absorption as it was very thin, so I could apply my foundation super quick afterwards. 
  • For my foundation I used one from No7 which is very high coverage, unfortunately the one I used has recently been discontinued so I won't list it here because there wouldn't be much point, however a new one which is also really great is the Beautifully Matte Foundation from No7. A true match colour service is now available at No7 counters so you can really get that perfect colour match. 
  • For concealer I use my Rimmel hide the blemish concealer to go under my eyes to conceal any dark circles, and also on any blemishes. 
  • I then lock my foundation into place with my Rimmel Stay Matte powder which is my favourite powder ever, really does the trick to keep you looking shine free throughout the night. Apply liberally particularly in the center of the face where shine is most common.
  • Next I used by baked bronzer from Famous by Sue Moxley in shade Hawaii to contour my cheeks to give the appearance of naturally defined cheekbones. I also use this on my temples to give an all round glow to the skin. 
  • For blusher I used Rimmel in shade Pink Rose on the apples of my cheeks to blend into the bronzer creating a more natural look. 
  • For highlighter I used my Benefit High Beam just above the apple of my cheeks where my blusher finishes to create a luminescent finish and youthful appearance to the skin. 
  • To fill in my brows I used my MUA eye shadow using an angled brush to lightly fill in any gaps and strengthen the shape of my brows. 
  • Before applying my eye shadow I used my primer from Front Cover Cosmetics which is really an important step especially if you have quite oily eye lids and you find your shadow often creases or doesn't last.  
  • When doing a strong eye look like this one, using two colours that don't naturally blend into each other, it is key to apply the darkest colour first. I used my black shade first from a Natural Collection compact, starting slightly more than half way onto the lid. I took this up through the crease and winged it out slightly. I then used a clean brush to tidy up the line and blend thoroughly. 
  • Then I used my gold colours which is the same as the other gold look I did the other night, using both colours from Front Cover Cosmetics. Blend as best as possible into the black slightly, but not too much as you will end up with quite a murky colour. I put quite a lot of gold on the tear-duct to open the eye, as opposed to what I usually use which is white. I liberally applied the holographic glitter in the corner of the eye- after all it is NY!
  • Then I used my Maybelline gel eye liner to thinly define my lash line, winging it out quite a bit to create that feline appearance. 
  • Before applying my false lashes, I used my MAC Opulash Optimum Black mascara on top and bottom lashes, and then used my Cheryl Cole Eylure lashes. The key to applying false lashes is to leave the glue a good minute before applying so they stick better, and also to use tweezers and hold the lash in the center with the tweezers and then gently place in the middle of the lash line. Then simply tuck in the sides with the tweezers and leave to dry. I then apply a final coat of mascara to merge both natural and false lashes together. 
  • Use your favourite Kohl eye pencil to line the waterline of your lashes to define if you want that added impact. 
What's on my nails?

 For my nails I took the black and gold theme to the extreme by using, both from Barry M, using shades 'Black' and then using lots and lots of 'Yellow Topaz Glitter' as a top coat. Not only does this create a super sparkly festive look, but as a top coat this will make the nail polish last a lot longer. I really like this look and I got a lot of compliments particularly about the nails, so I hope that you guys have fun experimenting with it too. 


  1. The nails and eyes look amazing!

    Amy x


    1. Thank you so much!
      I'll check out your blog xx

  2. Love this post! Your eye make up looks awesome - I might have to try and duplicate it on my next night out :D love your nails too!

    robsarellax.blogspot.com xoxo

    1. Aw thank you so much, I'll check out your blog!


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