Wednesday, 26 August 2015

The Body Shop's Camomile Silky Cleansing Oil

Make up removal is absolutely one of the most crucial parts of my skincare routine. Anyone that has slept in make up knows the horrible feeling the next day, and I know that my skin will break out almost instantly if I let this happen. This means that I now always make a conscious effort to remember to take my make up off after late nights when all I want to do is go to bed. Until now, I was yet to discover something that did everything all in one which meant my routine was much longer. Before finding this cleansing oil from The Body Shop, I was fairly happy using Garnier's Simply Essentials 2 in 1 make up remover to take off my eye make up, followed by Garnier's micellar water which I still also really like, and then a final wipe using Simple's cleansing wipes. However, this process always felt like a lot more effort to try and get everything off, and I would go through around 7 cotton pads to do so, after which sometimes the next day there would still be some residue around my eyes. I still do this when I'm being lazy after a night out for example as it still does do the job, however on a day to day basis I have been loving using this cleansing oil which removes absolutely everything. Before this, I had never tried cleansing oils due to my oily skin which I thought would be a nightmare combination, but this is great for all skin types and leaves my skin with a post facial feeling. You only need around two pumps and you simply rub it into dry skin until the make up melts away. I use this on my eyes first and then use whats left on my face, then simply rinse and use a washcloth to wipe everything away. It is amazing at getting waterproof mascara off all at once without irritating your eyes which is something that would happen to me using only micellar water after too much rubbing. It leaves your skin feeling completely refreshed, clean and make up free which is everything I want from a cleanser. What's more, its oily texture is completely removed with water so there is no residue. This will ultimately help prevent spots in the long run and keep skin clear which is perfect for problem skin. Moreover it smells lovely and is only £11 which I think is great for delivering a result which is comparable to much higher end cleansing oils.

Have you tried this or any other similar cleansing oils?

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