Sunday, 5 July 2015

In The Light: The Perfect Palette

I have sort of fallen off the blogging train for a while, however I am back with a post that is long overdue. In terms of palettes, Stila's In The Light does not get enough credit in my opinion. It's popular, sure, but I would say the Naked palettes by far overtake this in terms of popularity. Neutral palettes are something I go wild for as I would rather invest in something that is wearable as opposed to crazy bright shades which I would only reach for occasionally. I have all the Naked palettes and a few other less hyped up ones, yet this one from Stila is by far my most loved, and as a result, my Naked palettes are practically obsolete. I would invest in this palette purely for the shade kitten alone which as you can see, is very well used. Rather than buying an individual Stila shadow for around £12, this palette is £25 which is great value for ten great wearable shades and a waterproof eye liner. The pigmentation of these shadows is fantastic; I would even say that they overtake Urban Decay and there is also very little fallout, if any, which I know is a common problem with the Naked shadows. All these shades are really easy to pull off; 'bare' is a typical off-white highlight shade which is perfect under the brow bone and in the corner for a natural light effect. It is also a great all over lid shade, especially when paired with 'bliss' which is a perfect crease colour. 'Kitten' is by far the best highlight shade I have ever discovered, it is definitely not subtle but I like the brightness it brings; it also makes a great cheek highlight if you use it sparingly. 'Sunset' is probably my second favourite shade after kitten and I think it looks beautiful with blue eyes. It is a bronze/copper shade with shimmer, and looks great with 'sandstone' blended into the crease for a more intense, smoky result. 'Bubbly' is also beautiful and is very similar to 'half baked' from the Naked palettes- a gorgeous champagne gold with shimmer running through which is absolutely beautiful for summer especially. The last few shades are ones I reach for least in the palette, although they are still great shades to have. 'Gilded Gold' is more of a brown gold tone, and 'luster' is darker still; both again look great with sandstone in the crease. 'Night Sky' is a bluish grey shimmery shade which makes a great smoky eye, although I do prefer a warmer, brown smoky eye as this suits me more. This goes really well with 'ebony' which is an all-round great trusty black shade with slight shimmer, which makes a great powder eyeliner as well as crease shade. Last but not least is the smudge stick waterproof eye liner in 'damsel' which I go through phases of being obsessed with. It is so easy and quick to blend as the kohl is super soft which means you can be as messy as you like with it. The deep brown shade is also a lot softer and more natural. This time last year I remember this completely replaced my liquid liner more smoky look. My favourite is to line the outer corner and then blend with a small brush into the 'sunset' shadow for a bronzed summer look.

If your going to invest in a neutral palette, I would definitely go for this gorgeous and cheaper alternative to most palettes out there. What's more, it makes the best summer palette and is ideal for travel, having such beautiful and versatile shades which last all day.

Hope you guys enjoyed this post and I will be back regularly from now on, so be sure to follow me on Bloglovin' to stay updated! :)

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